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Speech by Ambassador in the Open4Business Forum in Pécs on 5th October 2017

Embassy of India participated in the Open4Business forum on 5th October 2017, which was organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Pècs-Baranya county.

Ambassador Rahul Chhabra greeted by Mr. Szabolcs Rabb, Secretary fo the PBKIK and Dr. Tamás Sikfői, President of PBKIK .



Ambassador, Dr. Gyula Zeller, Vice-Rector PTE Universjty, Dr. Tamás Sikfői, President of PBKIK.

After the opening speech by Dr. Tamás Síkfői, President of the Chamber, Ambassador Rahul Chhabra spoke about the “India- Hungary relations in a globalizing world” touching on several areas such as geographical location and size, demography, trade and investment opportunities of the growing Indian market, the Make in India Initiative, cultural connections, student exchange programmes, etc.

Ambassador Rahul Chhabra delivering speech.




The forum had several high-profile speakers, including representatives of the PBKIK, PTE University, Ambassador of India, and Assistant Minister of Mnistry of Economy, Croatia.

The speech was very well received and entrepreneurs and Chamber officials commended the utilization of the Hungarian Prezi software by Ambassador to deliver the presentation.

Other speakers were:

-Natasa Kramaric , Assistant Minister, Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship, Crafts, Government of Croatia: “How the EU strategy for Danube Region can foster competitiveness of enterprises”.

-Dr. Gyula Zeller, Vice-Rector and Dr. Ákos Jarjabka, Associate Professor of Pècs University: “Pècs jubilee and Diaspore Project Network” Daniela Chiran Steinbeis-Europa -Zentrum Baden-Württenberg: “Funding and Support for clusters in the Danube region.”

-Marius Niculae, DTP: “Seed money facility of the Danube Transitional Programne” -Dr. Timea KREs, EGTC, Mura Region expert associate to EGTC: ” Funding Opportunities through the establishment of EGTC: experiences of the EGTC Mura Region.” The speeches were followed by panel sessions and B2B meetings. 

 Ambassador Rahul Chhabra (middle left), and Dr. Gyula Zeller, Vice-Rector PTE University (second), Tamás Sikfői ,President PBKIK (third), and Mrs. Natasa Kulakowski Kramaric (fourth from left) Assistant Minister, Ministry of Economy, Croatia listening to a presentation.

Organized by the Pécs-Baranya Chamber of Commerce and industry the forum had appx 150 participants. This was a part of a three-day event aiming to introduce the EU-supported programmes and funding opportunities, importance of clusters and a highlight of the PTE University development programmes and other opportunities to the companies and entrepreneurs representing a wide range of sectors from the region.