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National Teachers’ Congress in Pune, 2018




                                National Teachers’ Congress 2018



National Teachers’ Congress (NTC) is an apolitical platform connecting Spirited Teaching Fraternity through
lndia’s Largest Convention of 8000 teachers of Higher Education of India and teachers of Indian origin living
abroad. The lst edition of National Teachers’ Congress was held on 23, 24, 25 September, 2016 and the 2nd
edition of the congress is scheduled on 10,11 & 12 January, 2018 at Dr. Vishwanath Karad MIT World Peace
University (MIT WPU), Kothrud, Pune, India.


The 2nd National Teachers’ Congress (NTC) will be organized under the aegis of Dr. Vishwanath Karad’s MIT
World Peace University and MIT School of Government, Pune, with the active support of Government Of
Maharashtra. Several institutions of importance like, All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE),
Association Of Indian universities (AIU), HBS Club Of India and UNESCO Chair for Democraey, Peace,
Human Rights and Tolerance, Pune, have also rendered their support and association in this thoughtful mission.


Education is the Manifestation Of Human Aspirations and only great teachers help to create great minds. India
has a long tradition of knowledge creation and highlighting cultural, humanitarian values. Teachers have
always played a crucial role in motivating students to contribute to shaping the ideals of the nation and its
development. India also has a long and rich tradition of bonding between teacher and disciple. It is the innate
nature of our country to churn out one success story after other of the Guru Shishya Parampara from all walks
and streams of life.
Referring to our rich traditional system of the Gurukul where there was a closely knit teaching leaming process
at the core, NTC not only strengthens the Teacher-Student connect but has also created a progressive
community Of Teachers. At NTC, not only the rural-urban teachers are connected, but they also bond with
their Indian peers across the continents and enrich their own perspectives. They are engaged in meaningful
debate, dialogues, intercultural encounters and exchange of ideas on a number of thoughtfully designed
issues. This helps the teachers to understand national issues and equip them to play an instrumental role in
overcoming challenges through their work. The invited speakers are experts consisting of policy makers,
thought leaders and business leaders.


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To build a pool of inspired and committed teaching fraternity who will not just impart knowledge, but also
use the power of education for producing and nurturing the citizens who can remain faithful to the values
and ideals of a modern lndia and sensitive to the physical and moral welfare of society and humanity.


To bring dynamism, creativity and visionary outlook in the teachers by facilitating the exchange and
dissemination of ideas and best practices through interaction with peers and thought leaders from all walks
of life.
•To create a bridge between teachers across the country and lndian teachers living abroad at the under-
graduate and post-graduate levels.
•To create a platform for like-minded teachers for bringing creative and positive change in the society.
•To inspire the teachers to create future leaders of the nation.
•To discuss and to create an environment of reaching out, where it moves from teaching to mentoring.
•To promote lnternational and Regional understanding, inter-cultural dialogue and diversity of ideas and
• To discuss, deliberate and find solutions on issues of education and allied sectors.
• To inculcate the best suitable value system in the young minds of India.


Participation of Higher Education in all disciplines from different states of India along with International
Teachers of Indian Origin
• Spirited college teachers below 50 years of age, with established competency in innovative teaching,
valuable research, having vision for community welfare, who are socially sensitive and active and above
all, are passionate personality committed to creating knowledge driven citizens with efforts beyond their
professional scope of work
• Senior PG/Research students aspiring to be teachers
• The 2nd National Teachers’ Congress will bring together teachers not only from all states of India but,
Teachers of lndian Origin living abroad. The union o fthese teachers and sharing of their experiences at
this unique discourse will enable them to evolve a better and enriching education system for lndia.


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