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Tender: Ordnance Factory: Link MK-I for 30 MM ammunition

Ordnance Factory Kamaria, Jabalpur invites tender for the following:

Tender Notice No. & Date Item QTY EMD
17-18/VII/PV/GLOBAL-42 Dated: 16/05/2017
LINK MK-I TO DESIGNER’S Ref. D.5. (E) 10050 /161 ISSUE 6A DATED 30.10.64 FOR 30 MM ADEN AMMUNITION (Specification and Drawing attached) 40292 No. with 50% option clause. RS. 125700/- (Rs. One lakh twenty five thousand seen hundred only ) USD 1860/- (USD Eighteen hundred sixty  only)
Last date of receiving request for issue of tenders 18/Jan/2018 17:00 Hrs
Last date & time for receiving filled tenders 19/Jan/2018 13:00 Hrs
Due date & time for opening tenders (Technical bid only) 19/Jan/2018 14:30 Hrs

Tender available at and may be viewed, downloaded by advance selecting “Ordnance Factory Board” as organization and entering “Khamaria” in location.


Ordnance Factory Khamaria, Jabalpur (M.P. 482 005)

Tel: 0761-233-7021 to 233-7033
Fax: +91-0761-233-7301, 2430202
Mr. R.K. Gupta
JT. General Manager