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Launch of SPDC for 2017-18 from July 17, 2017

Launch of SPDC for 2017-18 from July 17, 2017

Dear Visitors,


This is to inform you that Scholarship Programme for Diaspora Children (SPDC) for the academic year 2017-18 was launched on 17th July, 2017 .
The online portal for the scheme is The last date of submission of applications online is 30.09.2017.

SPDC is applicable to Children of NRIs/PIOs/OCIs in 66 countries for undergraduate programmes. The scheme is applicable to the following four categories:

 a) Children of Persons of Indian Origin
 b) Children of Non-Resident of Indians
 c) Children of Indian workers working in ECR countries studying abroad &
 d) Children of Indian workers in ECR countries – studying in India

Of 150 scholarships under SPDC, 50 are reserved for category (c) and (d) above.

To bring further clarity in the eligibility criteria, some changes have been made in the guidelines (attached) w.e.f 2017-18, which are mentioned below:

  1. Children of Indians residing in Nepal will be eligible for SPDC on fulfillment of following two criteria:

 – Both parents should be registered in the Mission/Post in Nepal for a minimum period of four years.

 – The applicant has done at least four years schooling including two years of classes XI & XII in Nepal just prior to application.

2. Children of PIO/OCI/NRI who have not passed the qualifying examination (12th) from a foreign country except in the case of children of ECR country workers (category d above), are not eligible for SPDC.

3. Cut-off date to decide the NRI status is last date of the preceding financial year i.e. 31.03.2017.

4. Applicants should attach the conversion scale so that grade achieved in qualifying exam (Grade 12th) could be converted into percentage of marks achieved, wherever required.

5. For income proof, in addition to the salary certificate from the employer, an undertaking that total monthly income of both the parents does not exceed US$ 4000 should also be uploaded in the SPDC portal.

Please find the details of the scholarship programme here.

Session on the subject of ‘What Can You Do To Enhance Your Thinking Productivity’ – 21 July 2017

21 July, 2017

Session on the subject of ‘What Can You Do To Enhance Your Thinking Productivity’ – 21 July 2017

Mr. Deepak Sethi, Founder – Consultant, Solutions. QED held his session on What Can You Do To Enhance Your Thinking Productivity on 21 July, 2017 at the Amrita Sher-Gil Cultural Centre.


Mr. Sethi sees ‘Thinking Clearly & Rigorously’ to be a vital access to effective business problem solving and a more fulfilled life. He is extremely passionate about championing this cause & spreads the message of ‘Power of Clear Thinking’ through his training interventions for Corporates. The session started at 11:00 hrs and ran up till 13:00 hrs. During the session the following questions were answered:

  1. What makes the role of Thinking so critical in our lives – how is it the password to happiness?
  2. What is Thinking Clearly – How is it different from Thinking?
  3. How does the Daniel Kahnemann model about the fast & slow modes of Thinking impact on our ability to Thinking Clearly?
  4. How do you enhance your Thinking Productivity?
  5. How to make Thinking Clearly ‘a way of life’?



The session was followed by an Indian lunch. Approximately 45 – 50 people attended the session.

Please click to download the presentation here:

FIFA Under-17 World Cup India 2017, 6 – 28 October

October 6-28, 2017

FIFA Under-17 World Cup India 2017, 6 – 28 October


India will be hosting the FIFA Under-17 World Cup 2017 in October 2017 in following cities in lndia:

Delhi, Goa, Guwahati, Kochi, Kolkata, New Mumbai


The opening ceremony of this event will be held in New Delhi on 6th October 2017 while the final match will be held in Kolkata on 28th October 2017.

The teams from following countries would be participating in the event: USA, Colombia, Ghana, Paraguay, Mali, New Zealand, Turkey, lran, Guinea, Germany, Costa Rica, Korea DPR, Niger, Brazil, Spain, Honduras, Japan, New Caledonia, France, lraq, Mexico, Chile, England.


For further information please visit the website



Indian Railways

Indian Railways

Indian Railways

Indian Railways has recently launched a facility for 365 days advance booking of Air-conditioned Class accommodation on trains for the convenience of visiting Foreign Tourists and NRIs.  This facility has been made available from 14th July 2017.  This initiative is expected to help promote Tourism and travel within the country by Foreign tourists and NRIs visiting India.

In case any further details/information is required regarding the scheme please feel free to contact Mr. B. Prashanth Kumar at

48th edition of International Film Festival of India (IEFI-2017)

48th edition of International Film Festival of India (IEFI-2017)


The 48th edition of International Film Festival of India (IEFI-2017) is scheduled to be held in Goa from 20th to 28th November, 2017. The festival is accredited with the International FEderation of Film Producers’ Association (FIAPP). IFFI is the oldest and most prestigious film festival in the country which attracts film makers and lovers from all over the world.

The festival has an ‘International Competition’ Section for feature films by filmmakers from all over the world, apart from the regular features of the Festival, such as the Cinema of the World, Retrospectives, Homage, Focus Country and specially curated package on different themes. The Indian sections include feature films, homage and retrospectives. In addition, the festival will have a Film Bazaar Section as well to promote film marketing activities. The total prize money in the Competition Section is approximately USD 2,00,000.

Films produced between 1st September, 2016 to 31st August, 2017 are eligible for the festival. A set of regulations and entry forms can be accessed at



The International Film Festival of India (IFFI) is reckoned as one of Asia’s oldest and India’s biggest film festival.

Since its inception in 1952, IFFI has aimed to nurture and inspire Indian cinema and introduce it to the world outside as well as the many audiences that coexist in this vast and diverse country.

The glorious state of Goa has hosted this esteemed festival since 2004, through the Entertainment Society of Goa (ESG), the nodal agency appointed by the Government.

Although the festival itself is organized by the Directorate of Film Festivals, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and the Government of India, it is done in collaboration with the State Government of Goa and the Indian Film Industry. IFFI is also recognized by the International Federation of Film Producer’s Association (FIAPP).

IFFI helps in contributing to the understanding and appreciation of film cultures of different nations through the diversity displayed within its film selection. As each year IFFI brings with it the latest critically acclaimed films, brilliant masterclasses and workshops by renowned personalities, and visits from several celebrities in the film industry, both national and international.